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John Edwards had a town hall meeting in Iowa and posted video of his introduction speech on YouTube. I’m bummed that the Q&A isn’t there (that’s the point of the meeting, right?), but this is the first town hall meeting I’ve ever seen, so I thought it post worthy.

I left a comment on the third video that I’ve pasted here:

He’s got my attention, but it’s still missing something. He’s saying good things, but doesn’t yet sound like he can pull it off or has the drive to pull it off. He talks like a man with ideas. Good ideas and good plans. But he doesn’t yet sound like a man who believes he can make his ideas or plans reality. There’s no gravitas. Not to me, at least.

But I’m watching now. And that’s a lot.

Here’s hopin some of the bloggers that are with him now can report on whether I’m just missing it so far or not.