Not a Sellout2008 is a long ways off, but not so long that the election of a new president isn’t already on many people’s minds.

For one, John Edwards is running and he looks be, so far, the Howard Dean of this race.  He’s posting videos to YouTube that look interesting and has a blog (nothing new there) and a podcast.  I’ve subscribed to the podcast and blog to keep an eye on this, but look forward to reading from the other candidates.

Regardless, this will be an interesting election.  Since the last one in 2004, social-driven media like blogs, podcasting, and video sharing has really taken off.  Enough that we all made Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (it was You, which means it was also Me, but there’s no MeTube, so maybe Me doesn’t fly with You).  Robert Scoble, who is going to be covering John Edwards campaign as the announcement of the new candidacy breaks, has some very interesting thoughts on just how this socially-driven era can change how elections work.

This also marks the first use of my nifty graphic I made at ImageChef for elections in general. 🙂