Not really, just playing around.  I’m back to my usual self today, or mostly.

What was interesting about yesterday was how many people equated anti-social with grumpy.  Enough people that I actually became grumpy from so many people asking why I was grumpy when I was just not feeling up for lots of people and conversation (at the start, at least).

It led me to think about how many times someone mentions that they aren’t doing well.  Instead of listening to how they describe their feelings, most of us tend to attach our own ideas of how we feel about how they are doing and treat them accordingly.  If someone is down, this is more likely to distance them than help.  If nothing else, we are showing them that we aren’t really listening to what they have to say.

When someone isn’t in a good place, listening is easily the most important thing we can do.

As for being anti-social, that isn’t by any stretch a bad thing.  For a day.  Maybe two.  Any longer and I’d get concerned, but sometimes people just need a break from other people.  Let’s not spin that back to them as a negative unless it really is that.