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First off, stop laughing. I know that post title sounds plain wrong.

Second, on the same day that Gamestop announced that it wouldn’t be getting enough PlayStation 3 systems to fulfill all pre-orders this coming Friday, my phone rang to let me know that my Zune will be available tomorrow (11/14) at GameStop. This was, of course, a mistake. When I pre-ordered my Nintendo Wii, it hadn’t been updated in the computer system yet. So we all reserved Zunes that were later transferred to be Wii’s. The result was that GameStop corporate though I reserved both of them (hence the errant phone call today).

Upon calling my local GameStop to learn all of this, I also learned that they will be receiving enough Nintendo Wii systems to cover every pre-order they made. This isn’t entirely surprising, but nice to have confirmation of. It also sounded like they’d only have enough to cover pre-orders, but time will tell.

This is also a blow to Sony. Having a stellar product means nothing if you can’t even begin to meet demand. Also given that both Sony and Microsoft are selling their systems at a loss (a common practice with video game systems where the system costs more to build than you pay at retail), they are behind Nintendo a fair bit. Nintendo will make a profit on each Wii they sell thanks to not going for the bleeding edge of technology today while still delivering a good gaming experience.

That said, I’m freaking excited about this coming Saturday. I’m set to have a good day, a good night, and a good Sunday going to church, rehearsing for the Feast of Lights, and getting my grubby hands into Zelda.

For those interested, here is a video that really takes the ticket for “Geek Porn” that I described earlier. Complete with 70’s music dubbed in. And for the folks wondering what the deal with Zelda is, 1up is doing a week-long feature with a new article every day.