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The weather outside is perfect! Yet, I’m inside, sitting on my ass surfing the web for news of interest and catching up on the Geek Porn that is video game sites showing videos of them unpacking the new Wii. It’s kind of sad, yes, but my blinds are open. I have a great view of, well, the apartment building across the parking lot from mine. They keep their blinds closed on that side of the complex.

Hi, I’m ArtI did find something sure to interest more than two people, though. Or one. It’s ArtRage, an art program that loads over your entire desktop and lets you do some really fun stuff. It works on both PCs and Mac and there’s a decent free version that’s missing a few tools. Wonderfully easy to use and fun to play with, it does a wonderful job of looking fancy while being easy to use. The interface is amazing as well with toolboxes automatically hiding when the active cursor comes near them and dialog boxes bubbling in from no where.

Download the free version and have a great time!