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This is the first commercial I’ve seen for a game on Nintendo’s Wii, let alone a commercial for the Wii itself. What’s more is that I saw it on the web first. How times have changed.

It’s a decent commercial, though probably geared towards a slightly different audience than the game advertised (which I may rent, but doubt I’ll buy unless it really blows me away).

For some perspective, here’s an article about the lines in Japan to pre-order the Wii.  Mind you, this is the line to  put money down to get a slip of paper that says you can come back when it’s released (12/2 in Japan, I think) and pick up the real deal after paying the rest of the price.  The only other time I know people to line up like this is for a movie, and you usually get to see that when you exit the line instead of getting  a pass to come back and see it another day.  I waited in line for a slip of paper a few weeks ago myself, but this line is off the hook, as the kids say these days.