Last night, my neighbors had a party again.  It started around 11:30 or so with the usual loud music.  As per the agreement I have with my neighbor, by their request, I pounded on the wall to let them know it was too loud.  I know they heard me, because they pounded on the wall back and turned up the volume.

But at 12:30, everything stopped and I heard people leave.  I had been dozing as much as I could while toying with ideas of revenge, but could now get to sleep.

Until 1:00 when the music started again.  I pounded the wall again, the volume went up.  Then the yelling started.  I pounded the wall twice more with similar results until about 2:30 when they turned the volume up enough to shake the pictures hanging on our shard wall.

Then I called the police.  They took about fifteen minutes to arrive and the music stopped when they did, not to return.  But it wasn’t over yet.

This is when the real yelling started.  Yells of “Fucking asshole” and “Fucking bitch” and calls that I should have pounded on the wall to get them to turn down the music (with ample demonstration of just how to do that) began. This lasted for about a half-hour, then silence for the remainder of the night, or at least enough silence that I was not woken up.

I’m not looking forward to seeing my neighbor at the next point.  I typically see him a few times each week in passing.  I’ll also be letting the management know about this and that I do feel at least a little threatened, though not unsafe at the moment.

While I don’t feel bad for calling the police this time, I am sad that it came to this.  In general, my neighbors aren’t horrible people, though I wouldn’t call them kind, and I have long felt that there was a great deal of pain in the life of at least one of them.  I have no evidence of this outside of his behavior, though.  I imagine there will be tension for at least a little while and expect some kind of retaliatory action, probably in the form of loud music again tonight (another reason to inform the management this morning).  Still, I wish it hadn’t come to this.