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I saw my optometrist this morning.  Is it anyone else’s experience that the offices of optometrists are staffed by only the most attractive women aside from the doctor himself (unless the doctor is also a woman, in which case she is attractive as well)?  I used to work in a surgery clinic that had a plastics department.  The girls there were pretty, but not nearly as stunning as the girls who work in optometrist’s offices.  What’s the deal there, I wonder?

Regardless, I got new frames and lenses today.  I’m actually less far-sighted than I was, somehow, so I’m guessing that’s good.  But I’m excited to get my new glasses in two weeks.  I like the look of them.  I’m also finally getting transitions lenses, which many of my friends have gotten and found convenient. I’m looking forward to not having to carry around two pairs of glasses. 🙂

And for the record, all of the women I met this morning were married.  Except for one, but she had kids and a boyfriend.  Typical.