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Today, I reserved the first Nintendo game I’ve reserved/purchased since I was in high school. The game is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and I did this in anticipation of the Wii release on 11/19 (the same day I’ll pick up the game). Also, there’s a chance I’ll get a quicker heads up on pre-ordering the system itself by having reserved a game. Since I was going to get it anyway, seemed like a simple choice.

This is a full circle for me in terms of video games. My first real video game system was the original Nintendo (back when we could just call a game system by the name of the company that made it). I did have an Atari 2600, but I wouldn’t call that a real system because it spoils the sentiment of this post.

The Nintendo is probably responsible for my semi-geek status in my late twenties. Through it, I learned about Space Pirates and aliens that would suck away your energy. I encountered a role-playing game that blew me away in terms of a cohesive story and continued to enthrall me over several unrelated sequels. There were princesses to save, mushrooms and turtles to stomp on, ducks to hunt, and countless other adventures just waiting for the push of a button. Good times. And lazy times.

I missed a lot of chores because of video games (something my mother will likely agree with). But I didn’t miss a lot of life. I could’ve gotten outside more, sure, but I still had friends and activity.

So now I’m in my late twenties getting ready to get my hands on another Nintendo system and have some fun in my adult years just the same as my younger. It’s kind of a trip.