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Television Without Pity has selected Studio 60 to be one of the shows they recap/rip apart this season. Their recap of last week’s episode is classic.

Danny asks “whose turn” it is, and Tom says that it’s Harriet’s. They must take turns saying a prayer/blessing/speech or whatever, and because it’s Harriet, this one’s a prayer. They take each other’s hands. It’s a for-serious prayer, too, with a “creator of the universe,” a “father of us all,” a “your son, Jesus Christ,” and even a “blessed art thou” thrown in for good measure. She gives thanks for their sense of humor, and she asks that something heavy fall on Matt’s head. Heh. She says that Jesus must’ve been funny to have gotten so many people to listen to him. I think after living a sexless life spent pretty much walking all day, followed by a torturous death, it’s probably asking a bit much for Jesus to be all funny about it. “Hey, how’s it hangin’, me? Ah ha ha! I kill me. Literally! Gimmie three days, and I’ll be here all week, folks. Try the loaves and fishes.” Then everyone throws their hands in for what my friends and I call the “Go, Bayside!” moment.