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The last of six videos is up at the Wii web site.  This one is about the Internet Channel, which lets you surf the web.

It uses the Opera browser and from what I’ve heard, it’ll be free in the US (no confirmation from Nintendo yet and they originally said you’d have to buy the browser first).  Oh, and you’ll need to be connected to the internet (no brainer).

This could be big or could be “eh” when we see it for real.  Depending on the system’s boot time and the fact that I don’t know anyone who doesn’t primarily use their computer to get to a web site, this could easily become a staple in a connected person’s digital life.  I’m most interested to see how text input is handled.  If you can shop on line like the video says, there must be an easy way to input text.  Maybe a Bluetooth keyboard is in the works?  The remote is nice, but I can’t see how text entry can be quick with that unless they have some kind of predictive text key-cloud (where you choose one letter and the next likely letters appear closer to where you just clicked than the rest; constantly morphing cloud of keys, but very handy).

This is also something the other consoles don’t have and may be a major selling point.  Surf the web without having to buy a full computer (even though you can get a full computer for about the same start up cost).

Still, it’s about the games.  The web is nice and I imagine I’ll make use of it (blogging on my TV…).  But what I really want to do is play Zelda.  And Metroid.  And Mario.  And Brain Age.  And whatever else strikes my fancy.