Tonight during choir, my only fear in the music world were realized.  It’s a small fear, but still there.

I’m a bass.  I sing bass II, which is the lower.  I can sing and make you feel it in your stomach.

Except that I can’t.  Not anymore.  For the last three weeks, I’ve been trying to reach the low notes that used to be my bread and butter.  They just aren’t there.  I thought that maybe I needed to get back into the swing of it, but it usually doesn’t take a month to do that.  I’ve started learning both bass parts, just in case I find that I can contribute more by singing the higher part in the end.

This makes me a bit sad.  Spending time in the basement like that was one of the highlights of singing.  What’s more is that this year’s Feast has more low bass parts just waiting for me than ever before.  This is not the year I want to start turning baritone (no offense to the true baritones out there).

So I’ll be spending more time singing low in the shower every morning since the notes are easier to reach then.  I’ll be drinking more hot tea no matter how hot it gets outside.  Maybe I can retrain myself to reach down there and bring out that dark, resonant sound again.

In the meantime, I’m learning to do a good job of making it look like I’m reaching the notes. 😐