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It’s been a very long week.  It’s also been a very good week and a strange week.

Long from the standpoint that a lot happened.  It was also my first five-day work week in about a month thanks to extended weekends, holidays, and a funeral.  That was a shock to the system.

But it was a good week.  I got a lot done, did well by a lot of people (I think), made some new friends, exercised a lot, am eating better (yup, I’m eating salad more often and less carbs, but haven’t cut out carbs 100%).

It was also a strange week, at least for this blog.  I’ve had about 60 hits per day on average, according to my stats.  Most of those for older posts regarding two elephants doing as nature intended during a Presidential motorcade in Africa a couple of years back.  The search terms leading to these posts are not fit for public consumption by any stretch, but my knowledge of what some people find “exciting” has definitely expanded.

The question now, though, is if I pull those posts down or not.  I don’t like them being my number one item, at least not for the reason people seem to be clicking here for.  Then again, they are getting “in the door” as it were, so maybe they’ll look around and find something more interesting and, hopefully, healthier.

Any ideas?