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For the last two nights, my neighbors have been playing music late at night and rather loudly. Loudly enough that my knocking on their door or on the shared wall is unheard (or ignored).

Last night, they went until at least 3:00 a.m. with me sleeping only a few minutes until then.

Today, I stopped by the apartment manager to let them know about it. They’ll be doing whatever they do, probably anonymously.

While I’m fairly confident this will work, at least for a while, I’m saddened and see it as a defeat. I don’t know details, but I think my neighbors are having a hard time in life right now. The only reasons I didn’t call the police were because I wanted to go through the management first and I wouldn’t have wished a visit from a police office on anyone who is having a hard time in life to begin (even more so when it could be resolved without the police).

That said, it’s also a victory. I gave my neighbors their due diligence in trying to get them to quiet down last night. It didn’t work. The simplest next step is the one I took and it should have a positive effect on the situation, though perhaps not a positive effect on neighbor relations.

I’m looking forward to the vastly increased potential of a good night’s sleep tonight. We’ll see what happens next, though.