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I’ve long felt that I have friends at work and friends outside of work.  The line between the two rarely, if ever, blurred or ceased altogether.  When I was at work, I could speak with my work friends.  If I saw them while I was with my outside-of-work friends, though, there would be an uncomfortable feeling for me.

Reason being that these work friends represented work to me.  Not in the fact that it took more work than usual to sustain a friendship, but because I worked with them.  My first thoughts around them were about work related issues, not the stuff of friends.  I have my friends outside of work for that.

Something has changed, though.  When I got home yesterday and thought of the stories I was to tell friends of my weekend, the boundary between my friends at work and my friends outside of work wasn’t there.  They were all simply my friends, to one natural extent or another.  What’s more is that I don’t think of work when I think of my friends that I work with.

Seems like a good thing.