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I’ve noticed a bit of a trend lately in the world around me. Often it is the case where people who are thought to be hard workers also worry more about the tasks before them. They may be productive in this fashion, but a great deal of energy goes into simply being concerned about everything on their plate. The trend is that folks like this tend to be well-regarded as people with a work ethic to strive for.

This confuses me. I know plenty of people who worry less, if at all, and work just as hard or harder. These folks are generally less stressed out and seem to be regarded as folks who get things done. This isn’t to say that the worriers don’t get things done, but the world’s perception of them is more that they work hard. When I think of this type of person, I think of the old man doing a simple job slowly. When others ask him to speed up, he turns and says, “I could do it faster or I can do it right.” and continues on. The concept of moving quickly and being right isn’t quite there. Being right is all there is to it.
I think I travel easily between these two types of people. I’m sure there are many more as well. But I find it occasionally frustrating that the people who don’t worry and are known to get things done don’t seem to be in the first draft when people are looking for help. We want the people who do important things for us to not just work hard, but look like they are working hard. The worriers excel at not just working hard, but appearing to work hard as well.

The folks who get it done don’t think about the spotlight or who is watching. The important thing is not who sees the task get done and what they think but that the task is simply done. There tends to be less stress involved, but also less adventure or excitement.

Which do you think is better?