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I had a good time at Disneyland yesterday.  I took a couple of photos with my phone and sent them to my flickr account (more links in the lower end of the sidebar).  I love that I can send photos from my phone to an email account that will suddenly appear on my blog and flickr site in a few minutes.  Pretty damn cool.

Anyway, I got to do some stuff that I hadn’t done before.  Namely taking an unadvertised tour of the second apartment in Disneyland.  One is above the fire house on Main Street that is still used by Walt Disney’s family on occassion and no tours go there.  But there’s another in New Orleans Square above Pirates of the Caribbean.  It’s now the Disney Gallery where you can see lots of concept art for the lands over the last 50 years as well as a good deal of concept art for the ride underneath.  Pretty cool, but the gallery was first intended as an apartment for visiting VIPs to stay.  From that perspective, it’s a bit cooler.

The exciting part was being able to go out on a balcony that’s usually locked and see a crowded Disneyland from a relatively secluded area.  Each night, 20 people are allowed to view Fantasmic from this balcony for $59 a pop.  To sweeten the deal, an all-you-can-eat dessert part is part of the package.  Not too shabby and it really is the best view of Fantasmic you’ll get anywhere in the park.

We also ate lunch/dinner at the Blue Bayou.  I’ve never been there nor had a Monte Cristo sandwich (I still want to say Monte Christu for some reason when I talk about that sandwich).  It was delicious, but the big surprise was (not the check) the dessert.  I had to take a picture of the cookie boat and was a bit surprised that others had as well. 😉

All in all, it was a good day.  I even decided to go on Star Tours at the last minute knowing that I’d be alseep on the ride home just as the migraine was kicking in.  I still felt a little weird, but not nearly as weird/poor as I have the past few times. 🙂