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My week is over.  Yup, tomorrow I’m heading to Disneyland with some folks to get my weekend off to a good start.  I’ve had a pass to Disneyland for just over a year now, but this will be the first time I go to spend a whole day there.  Lately I’ve been going to ride a couple of rides, meet up with a friend at Downtown Disney, then go home.  In all, about 3-4 hours a pop.

Tomorrow is a full day and I’m excited about that. 🙂  The only disappointment is that I won’t be going on Star Tours.  Every time I go on that ride lately, I get a migraine a couple of hours later.  That makes me sad, but I honestly don’t know if the others in my group would want to go on that ride anyway. 😉

Good weekends to everyone reading this!  And prayers for friends of mine stuck in Oxford as the airline situation works itself out in the next day or two (hopefully not longer than that).