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This are moving a little too fast for my taste in the development of Redlands.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new shops and places to eat. But I wonder what will happen to State Street now if such places arrived. The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe is a jewel. State Street Deli offers a better sandwich than any place I know. The Frugal Frigate has always been able to get the books I want (though I admit to ordering on Amazon as well). Caprice Cafe, Betty’s Burgers, The Farm, all of these are run by our friends and families. Some aren’t the quality of atmosphere of a PF Chang’s, but that’s why I like to go there. It’s local and feels like home without being pretentious and has their own style of high class and upper crust without needing a brand name to make it happen.

I’ll welcome new places to shop and get goods. The different restaurants will also add some options for dining and I won’t deny that they’ll bring business our way. But I’ll think them not worth the cost if the local, family-owned places we have now are forced to close thanks to their presence. If we could take this a bit slower, but not so slow as to do nothing, and make sure the local business won’t suffer more of a hit than can be expected, I’ll be happier about new places opening.