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Last week I asked for projects to do and got some really good responses. Among them were learning a new language, learning to cook new dishes, and sand art (which I still don’t know anything about…). I have podcasts on my iPod to learn Spanish, French, and Italian, though I’ll take them one at a time given my track record with languages. I have food. I’m sure I could get sand. What I don’t have at the moment is time.

This will be the second of two weeks where every night of my week is spoken for in some fashion. I scheduled these events myself and all of them will be enjoyable. But I’m looking forward to next weekend and next week when things will (conceivably) calm down a bit and give me time to get caught up on some stuff.

First off, cleaning my apartment. I’ve gotten a reputation among my friends for cleaning every week. While that is always true of the bathroom (where my weekly hair cut creates the necessity), the rest of my apartment has slipped to an every other week cycle that doesn’t work for my sanity (a pile of dirty dishes and disorganized living room do not help me clear my head after a day of work).

Next, read a book. Then work on my Spanish. Then do some photography (there were tons of rainless lightning strikes last night that I would’ve loved to have a camera that does long-term exposures for). Then work on getting more sleep each night.

In the meantime, I plan to get as much sleep as possible while maintaining the fun factor of the week ahead. Tonight, Superman Returns with good friends.