Instead of burning CDs on demand for folks (unless there is a huge outcry for them), I’m publishing the mp3 files from Sing for your Supper as a podcast. You can download the mp3 files at your leisure and burn any CD you want. If you think some of the acts would sound really nice next to your other favorite artists, you can burn your own mix CDs. If you have a digital music player, you can easily load these onto it (they already have album and track information encoded for you to make it a bit easier, assuming your audio software recognizes it).

I request that you please download and save these files only once as my hosting provider does put a limit on the amount of data transferred. Feel free to pick and choose as well, you don’t have to download all of them or even all at once.

To see the files in performance order, visit http://feeds.feedburner.com/SingForYourSupper2006. Just right-click on the “Play Now” links and save the file to your computer.

To download these as a podcast in iTunes, visit itpc://feeds.feedburner.com/SingForYourSupper2006. You may need to do some creative trickery to get the files unlabeled as podcasts, though, unless you want them to stay like that.

If you have trouble at any point, feel free to contact me via email at rcymozart at gmail with the obligatory dot com at the end.