Josh mentions that he doesn’t blog personal stuff while I and some other friends of his do. Particularly lately, I’ve been more transparent, but haven’t brought up many personal issues.

I’ve found, though, that as my transparency here increases, so does my willingness to open up the personal aspects of my life with friends when they ask. Just in the last day, I told two people about some stuff I’m dealing with, in greater than normal detail, that I wouldn’t have normally shared as much detail with. I’ve been cautious about sharing as sometimes, people just aren’t ready to hear much at once and I still don’t want to share some private thoughts with anyone who asks.

The result has been good, however. It’s good to talk about things 99% of the time anyway. And I’ve felt like I don’t let people in very much, so it’s good to see that this can change, however slightly.

What do you think helps you to remain open to the people who care about you?