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Last night I took part in a group Lectio Divina activity. I’ve done lectio before on my own and in a group, but it’s been a while. The group last night was perfectly suited to each other; very open and responsive to the ebb and flow of the mood and atmosphere of the room.

I shared about feeling like a spectactor watching epic events happening around me, mostly in the form of life-changing events in my friends lives. I pictured myself walking down a corridor. As I walked, I passed scenes that had little affect on me; my life insulated from the pains and the joys happening around me nearly to the point of not caring aside from the guilt of being so insulated from my friends and people I care about.

As the sharing and silent reflection continued, the scene began to change. Instead of being insulated and helpless to interact with the epics around me I saw myself as a spectator of another drama altogether. The joys and pains were not what I was meant to be seeing. Rather, in these events I was given a special seat to see the good happening in and around and because of these events, something that would be hidden to me if I were in the whirldwind.

Something I learned what seems like a long time ago is that perspective is everything when it comes to dealing with stressful situations. 99% of the time, the outcome of a given situation doesn’t really change the bottom line of our lives, though it may change temporarily. Spending less energy worrying about how things will change overall and putting more into the situation at hand works wonders.

I walked away last night seeing the insulation as a gift of having a perspective outside that of the epics I saw/see around me. From this point, I can calmly and peacefully search for God’s finger writing His signature onto the world and offer a better helping hand to those within the whirlwind.

Is it arrogance to ask for prayer in help with the problems of people aroud you when it seems like you have none of your own? Or is it a blessing to be in such a position? I certainly have my own problems, but those are minute and quiet for the time being. That said, I’m not sure which case is more true.