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The State of the Union Visualizer will show you all of the annual speeches given by each president and show words used a significant number of times as well as the speech in its entirety.

The most interesting thing to me is that it also shows the grade level of the speech. And it has, not surprisingly, declined over the last 200+ years. President George Washington set the bar with a speech at grade level 22.4 and just over 1000 words. President George W. Bush’s latest ranks at 9.6 with over 5000 words.

For perspective, the last to break the 10.0 grade was President Ronald Reagan. President Jimmy Carter was the last to have a speech past High School at 15.3 in 1981 with 33,000+ words. What did he have to say, you wonder? Click on a word in the speech to read it.

Finally, the last President to break a bachelor’s level speech (assuming grade 16 is the senior year of college) was President Woodrow Wilson in 1920 with 18.2 and 2699 words.

Interesting stuff, no?