If you actually visit my site rather than read the RSS feed, you may notice things changing a bit. I’m going to be cycling through some new styles that I procured from the good people at The Style Contest.

This was/is a contest for folks to design a style based on the templates found in MovableType, Typepad, and some other SixApart products. There were well over 100 entries, so I downloaded about 20 that I thought looked nice and would work well for my blog.

It’s interesting, though, what some considered and others didn’t. A variable height sub-header, for instance (see my blog page for an example). Or, like my quotes page, bulleted lists in the main content area. I hope that these styles are graded on their flexibility and room for creative use without breaking the style apart. All in all, I like the creativity and outside-the-box thinking that is apparent from many of the different styles submitted. Good job!