I read many blogs each day. Probably around 100 or so right now. I enjoy many more than the others, but all have information that is useful to me and I often learn about things long before traditional news sources are reporting about them (if they ever do). Lately, one blog has stood out from the rest and I look forward to new content from them more so than many others.

Lifehacker is full of regularly posted tips not just for cool and useful Firefox Extensions, but also sage advice for life in general. For instance, a recent post about getting the best shave included wonderful tips that have both improved my shave as well as decreased minor skin irritation (it took a couple of shaves for the tips to show an effect, though). Another entry gives tips for hiding those stray cables behind your entertainment center or desk (admittedly, I haven’t read this to conclusion yet, but will later this evening and see what I can use for my apartment).

Sign up for it in your favorite news aggregator or visit often. It’s worth the trip and there’s always something new to read.

UPDATE: The cordless workspace was great, but I’d like to know if there are similar tips for entertainment centers that can have more of a variable vertical component than a desktop computer set up. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the Lifehacker site, so maybe this will do the Trackback. đŸ™‚