Take some math, some word of mouth, some simple but cool art, and create a virus in the mind that can really catch on fast. I found One Thousand Paintings via Seth Godin.

I love it. I don’t know if I’ll buy a number; blue numbers on a white field wouldn’t work well in my apartment. But the fact that over 100 have been sold in the last 24 hours speaks both to it’s ability to travel quickly and appeal to many as well as Seth Godin’s ability to spread the word about something fast (there were 203 sold this afternoon when I read his post compared to the 308 at the time of this posting).

What makes this work? It’s great conversation, though limited as eventually they’ll all sell or the idea will simply end. Plus, 1000 people or less will take part in this little event. Who wouldn’t want to be one of 1000 among six billion? Do the other six billion care? Probably not, but it only matters if the 1 buying a painting cares, right?

What’s next, I wonder? Nothing like this, assuredly, though I’m sure about fifty other similar ideas are going to pop up by the year’s end before something just as original takes over.

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