I’m tempted to start this post with a “it’s been a while” line, but this will do.

I saw The Da Vinci Code yesterday. Honestly, I agree with one of the people I saw it with and don’t know what the hype is all about on either end. Whether or not Jesus was married/had kids seems like a non-question. Really, who cares? It doesn’t really affect anything we have about him in the Bible.

What I did think was accurate about the movie is the length some people may be willing to go in order to attain or maintain control over as many people as possible. I haven’t read the book, but in the movie, no one stopped to ask if the supposed war being fought in the shadows was over an issue worth fighting over. It was generally assumed that it wasn’t, I think, but it focused more on lust for power than anything else.

I’ll see this again at some point, perhaps, and maybe even read the book. But the movie lacked a critical point in taking any kind of stand. In trying to please the masses and not be “too offensive” with an idea, I fear the producers/director/writers may have lost what made the book compelling for so many people.

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