Well, E3 is in full swing and there’s already some news to share. I’m not there, but plenty of bloggers are. I find Engadget to have the best overall, live-blogging coverage.

Looks like the PS3 will be way out of just about everyone’s price range. Two versions, $500 and $600 each. Both have hard drives, which is a good idea, but only the more expensive actually does the HD output but both have Blu-Ray DVD drives. I haven’t read much yet, but I’m impressed by the potential of a better controller that has motion detection.

The Wii from Nintendo has me the most excited at the moment, though. $250 price tag rumor and the controller innovation still looks amazing. Plus, Zelda at launch. With that price tag, I just might get one myself.

Microsoft is later today. No system to announce, of course, but I’m looking forward to what is announced. Also, the Square Enix stuff about FFXIII (three games, not one, apparently) looks tantalizing. More news about FFXII would be welcome, too.

UPDATE: Bungie has announced Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. The E3 trailer is on the site referenced.

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