I’m sick today. There’s been a cold of some kind going around work and it hit me. I think I’ve had it for a while, but this came in full force since late last night. It was something of an adventure.

At midnight, not being able to sleep from the coughing I was experiencing, I decided to chech my symptoms on WebMD. This was a mistake.

Upon saying I was experiencing symptoms in my chest, and that it was congestion, the program asked a number of questions including if it felt as though there was a weight on my chest. Since it did feel that way I said so.

I was immediately advised to call 911 as I was having a heart attack.

I was clearly not having a heart attack, but in the haze of midnight sickness, I completely freaked out. I didn’t call 911, but did call the local hospital emergency room to see if they could advise me better over the phone. Naturally, they couldn’t give any medical advise over the phone, but suggested that if I were in pain to come on in and get checked out.

The time was now 12:45. I decided to try and calm down, clearly not having a heart attack nearly an hour after I was told so by a non-sentient web site. Still not able to get to sleep and now not at all tired, I drove to the local Sav-On to get cough & cold medicine. The pharmicists on staff were the most helpful people of the night and helped me find a good remedy. While I should have gotten the stuff that also fights fever (which I’m in the middle of at the moment), it has relieved all other symptoms leaving me feeling nearly normal (aside from the fever, which I’ve taken other stuff for).

I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 2:00 a.m. last night when the Robitussin really kicked in and knocked me out fairly well. Having called in sick to work, I was advised to go ahead and attend my dental appointment by the staff there as the hygenist was properly attired to not contract whatever I had (clean bill of health, there). Since then, the day has been mostly drifting from sleep to wakefulness and getting comforting thoughts and comments from friends online.

Next time, though, I’m steering clear of WebMD.

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