It’s been quite the couple of weeks. For one, Holy Week and all of the heavy thoughts, meditation, and church events that go with it. There was also a birthday party that I had a lot of fun at. The weekly West Wing viewing (good episode last night). The standard fare of cleaning, shopping, and continuing life as normal, too. I had a good week, overall. A bit of a whirlwind and stressful at times, but a good week. I’m glad the Easter season is past, though, as it means things will probably calm down just a little bit.

I saw Thank You for Smoking this weekend. Excellent film. A little disturbing at some points, but in that pleasing way that makes you stop and think. Particularly with the main character’s interactions with his son and how his moral flexibility may not be as flexible as he thought and for what reasons. Rob Lowe is hysterical in this one, too. The site of him in a Japanese robe is worth the price of admission.

I also watched What About Brian? last night. I’ll try to catch the last part of tonight’s episode. I liked it, but mostly because it was a long list of what-not-to-does for being in a couple while still having single, male friends. I’m lucky that there are no married people in my life making those mistakes, but I could still watch and say, “Oh yeah, that definitely sucks.” What’s more is that Brian spilled the beans about the love of his life to the girl herself in the first episode. Usually, his affections and struggling with being in love with his best friend’s fiance would be the plot of an entire season. The girl’s revelation would make the cliff-hanger ending to the season finale leaving the audience hanging. This time, it will probably be the girl cancelling the wedding that cliff hangs into season two (assuming it lasts that long), but it was still a bit of a refreshing change. It needs to really wow me tonight to get me hooked, but neither is it entirely boring.

More to come now that there is some extra time in my week.

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