So I had to drive to work today due to the rain. I would have normally walked if it was even sunny looking out, but expected to rain later. Thank God I drove.

Sometime last night while driving around town for dinner, I picked up a screw in my tire. This created a slow leak, so my tire wasn’t flat this morning (and barely looked low), but it probably would’ve been flat by the week’s end. If it hadn’t rained, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it until I needed to put on the doughnut or get a tow (much more painful than just needing new tires). The added benefit is that I needed new tires anyway. Good timing is always nice.

Plus, I got a good deal. Just over $100 per tire with road hazard warranty, standard warranty, and an alignment at Discount Tire Center in Redlands. While I would rather have had the money in my pocket, I’m glad to have spent so little for good tires and good, professional service (which the Tire Guys next door didn’t have).

Next up, my brakes. Let’s hope nothing happens between now and May. Anyone know a good place for brakes?

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