After the rant last night about Google and the future doom, I thought I’d post what I think may really happen, or at least a potential best-case scenario. After all, I’ve been pretty good at being more positive in the last couple of years, why stop now?

I think the ways things are going with technology is simply amazing. We’re able to collaborate now with people we’d never have a chance of meeting just by turning on a computer. So many people are meeting online and developing friendships and respect for each other, then making an effort to meet in person and deepen that relationship even further, even if only on a business level. The ability for compassionate people to effect the world on a large scale has never been easier while retaining the ability to keep it personal.

I think Google of 2015 would be best if it allowed us to have an idea about anything and find others in the world with a similar idea or the resources to help make that idea happen. There are six billion minds on this planet right now. I don’t know how many there will be in five years, but probably more still. In one of those minds may exist the cure for AIDS and cancer; a way to feed all those who are hungry or abolish the most extreme of poverty. If Google or another service can get that person in touch with the right people, the world could be changed in the blink of an eye and for the better. Some may argue this is the role of the Church and I would not disagree. Having a global network of computers where anyone can publish anything doesn’t hurt, though.

I think we’ll be there one day, and soon at that if we aren’t already. Already in my lifetime I’ve seen the fruits of two men meeting who shared a vision for something as simple as good dental care for people in Nicaragua. A few years later their vision has changed the lives of countless people. What a tragedy if those two men had never met because they were on opposite sides of the globe.

The social networking we are capable of even now is beyond anything we’ve seen before and the potential for good to come of it, indeed the good that I’m sure has already come of it, is equally great.

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