Yay! It’s Friday! Time to get a weekend on! Here’s some links I’ve been saving this week.

From Lifehacker comes a wallpaper switching application. It even has integration with Flickr with any user name you come across there. It’s free, but for Windows only (that whole .NET thing).

Matt Asanuma dressed up as an Elite (bad guy from Halo) and got the attention of the game’s creators, Bungie. You may run across this particularly talented costume designer if you attend such shin-digs as Comic Con. Let the reader understand.

Via iLounge, Apple announced leather cases for the iPod and Nano this week along with the iPod Hi-Fi that looks a lot like a brick with handles. The cases don’t have openings for the screen or controls and the speaker is reportedly much heavier than one could easily carry around town with you. Makes you wonder what Apple is thinking, but when you consider that the iPod accessory market is a lot bigger than the iPod market, things become clearer. Still, that doesn’t mean you release crap to make up for it.

Flu Wiki offers the most up-to-date and relevant information about the flu. Updateable by anyone who can read it, this seems to be growing into a better resource than the CDC has given us on the same topic. Our tax dollars at work.

Need a weekend project? Build a wireless internet tower in your back yard.

Lastly, if you ever wished there was a site you could go to and learn everything you wanted to know about the muppets but were afraid to ask, wish no more. Muppet Wiki is the answer, my friends! I haven’t dug too deeply in this yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far.,

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