Yesterday, I saw one of the cutest babies I’ve seen in recent memory. Ironically, this happened at a baby shower for some friends through church. This wasn’t the first time I had seen this particular baby, but the first since a personality has started to emerge beyond the desire to eat, sleep, and fill a diaper.

An interesting thing happened as I watched him sleeping in his carrier. First, he smiled (not an unusual thing), then he scowled and returned to sleeping peacefully. I imagine that he was having quite the dream about eating, sleeping, and filling a diaper. I commented aloud that he had scowled and was chided by an older woman that I had never met before for saying so, particularly with the baby’s mother nearby.

I could only respond by commenting that he had, in fact, scowled and I was merely pointing that out. For all any of us knew, his lip had simply twitched. Still, I found the reaction to someone mentioning that a cute and precious baby was scowling surprising.

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