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This was an odd Thursday evening as we didn’t have worship rehearsal (a good chunk of the worship team is out of town this weekend by chance, so we all got this Sunday off). I decided to take my iPod and walk up and down State St. a bit to take in the sights and scents of Market Night.

The first thing I noticed, nearly all of the teens are doing the goth thing. I remember that being a thing to do over ten years ago. Will it ever get old?

I also heard a musician by name of Marianne Keith who does acoustic guitar, mostly. She was performing and the music was fabulous! I decided to stop and listen along with the now forming crowd (I’m a trend-setter, what can I say) and found myself talking to one of her entourage. Turns out that everyone there helping this 18 year old singer and songwriter were her family; parents and grandparents. They were selling CDs for $10. Her sound was getting to me, but the fact that her family was there supporting her sold me, so I bought the first CD I’ve bought in years. I later downloaded U2’s How to Disarm an Atomic Bomb as my first iTunes purchase, incidentally.

The best part of Market Night, though, was listening to Van Morrison while walking through downtown Redlands with the people mulling around you. It’s a taste of heaven, my friends.

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