I’ve been in training the last half of the week learning and refreshing myself on ArcGIS, so I’ve missed out on some stuff I would have posted links about here. So here they are in bulk.

An image of Jesus on an Xbox 360 box? Looks like divine endorsement to me, let’s start playing video games on Sunday mornings!

Sandhill Trek is looking for potential captions for an image of the Vice President. Related fun here.

A site has gone up that lets you track people posting about their break ups on blogs. The interface is amazing and fun to play around with, even if the content is a bit depressing.

Engadget reports that full-motion stamps may be in our future. Methinks this will get incredibly bad before it gets cool.

Lastly, have a great weekend and enjoy working on Monday if you are. I’ll be thinking of you as I sleep in and lounge about on my day off for President’s Day.

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