So it’s V-Day and I feel like I need to represent the single folks a bit. Actually, it’s my singlehod I’m representing, but feel free to tack on. Really, it’s just Tuesday, but there is this weird bit of pressure or tension.

So far today, I’ve spoken with four of my friends who happen to be female. One was pretty terse, but that wasn’t unusual. Another was distantly flirty, but she’s dating someone else. The third was just plain fun and the fourth is really phone tag at the moment. But each had this extra thing in it where words could turn a different way just because today is about romance (as opposed to love). On any other day, these would have been normal conversations.

I think the idea of Valentine’s Day is great. Celebrate romance; go for it. It’s fun and heady and intoxicating. Just watch out because romance comes in many flavors only one of which is a part of marriage. Too many times is romance associated with the married folk as the epitome of love. In so doing, those who are not married or not married any more may be lied to by a society that tells them that marriage is the only love to be had. It’s a lie that is all too easy to believe.

Rather Love is the epitome and romance is a face among many of Love. Today, we celebrate one such face and should do so well. But tomorrow, celebrate another and yet another the next day. The richness to be found in the depth and width of Love is more than can be explored in any one life time.

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