1up.com has a list of voice actors for the release of the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts II.

There are some surprises for me both from the aspect of reprisals (or not, actually) and the characters that are appearing. The FFX-2 trio, Yuna, Rikky, and Paine, seem to be making an appearance. I’m not sure if I mind that or not yet, though.

The lack of a voice actor announced for Auron’s character (at least in this list, it may have already been announced) is disconcerting. Of all the characters announced so far, he’s one of the two or three I’m really looking forward to seeing. For now, I’ll be glad to have Christopher Lee (Saruman) being the bad guy. Or is he the bad guy who turns into the good guy, but ends up being bad again?

March 28 is the day for this. I may be taking some time off work to soak in the wonderfully complex weirdness that is Final Fantasy and Disney crossing over into each other.

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