I’ve been very busy lately and still hardly doing a thing. From spending time with folks, to rehearsals, to work, to activities that have been added on to my life I feel like I’ve been spending the last three weeks living under a layer of cheese cloth. The faster I move, the more sluggish my life feels. The more I do, the more distant reality feels.

I’ve thought about taking some vacation time to just get away, but being here isn’t the problem. Am I too involved? Quite possibly, but I enjoy what I’m doing a great deal, not to mention that time with my friends is priceless. However, I’m still spread a bit too thin. It’s time to take a moment to breath, evaluate just what is pulling me in any direction, and decide how much energy it’s worth. There are things that I want to do in my life, friends that I want to spend time with, that I don’t seem to have time enough to for right now. That seems like something that could be better. I’m not sure how just yet or what it may involve, but I think the track I’m on right now (living underneath a cheese cloth) isn’t the right one.

I think for tonight, I’ll clean up a bit around the apartment (there are dishes to be done), pop in a good movie, and escape for a bit.

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