Robert Scoble has a great post about getting noticed in the blogosphere. The comments are worthwhile. I left a comment myself, copied below:

I wasn’t going to comment, but I must have before because the comment fields were all filled in. =)

I think getting discovered is hard, but have to ask why you want to be discovered? Usually, in my experience, the really interesting people are discovered when they aren’t trying to be discovered. There are interesting people who work at getting noticed, but if you spend your time blogging to be noticed, are you really blogging what you want to say to the world? If so, hats off to you.

If I write what’s in my heart and mind day in, day out, I’m guessing Robert Scoble would probably not read my blog very often, if at all. Why? I don’t know much about tech stuff and don’t write about it (though I sometimes link to stuff about it). While it may be otherwise, I’d be surprised if he was interested in what I blog. I read Scoble and some others of similar theme because I like tech and hearing about what’s out there.

Someone commented earlier that interesting is subjective and they’re right on the money there. Just because an A-list blog doesn’t find you interesting enough to link to doesn’t mean you aren’t interesting, you just aren’t interesting to them. You could have twice as many readers as an A-list blog who just don’t blog themselves and not know it.

But it also doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the conversation with the rest of the world. =)

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