I’m watching The Bachelor and don’t ask why. I just saw a girl tell the guy she’s moving into the reproductive phase of life. Huh?

What this come to? Why am I watching? Well, the girls are cute, I guess. And the cute Canadian girl got the “you can’t be dismissed” rose. Still, it seems like the point is to get a bunch of women together to get pissed at each other and throw themselves at a man they don’t know. And we watch it.

I’ve been watching a lot more TV lately anyway. From getting Stargate SG-1 from Netflix (which I’ve really enjoyed watching) to viewing my seasons of Babylon 5 collection, to West Wing, to The Simpsons, to Las Vegas, I’ve got a good running with the TV shows. Does it dumb me down? Yeah, I think it does.

Will I do anything about it? Not tonight.

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