This falls under the “don’t be stupid” category. Whatever your thoughts and beliefs on homosexuality, I think we can all agree that hypocritical behavior isn’t cool. And no, I’m not buying the story that he was in a prostitute encrusted area pastoring police officers.

Pat Robertson has also opened his big mouth again and shared his brilliance with the world. As if God really cares about the border of one nation? Besides, isn’t America God’s nation now? Israel is so B.C.

Finally, two old friends in Italy are probably still quibbling over stolen lunch money in their 70’s. But now the argument has projected itself into whether Jesus actually existed or not. I’d love to be that judge just for the chance to throw it out of court with a laugh.

In the meantime, this chart shows some hope about what the blogs have been talking about in relation to God in the last six months.