A lot of people are making predictions for 2006, so I thought I’d join in the fun.

  • One or both of my parents will start blogging
  • At least three friends of mine who aren’t blogging now will be by the end of the year
  • Google’s stock will drop, probably in response to data security issues
  • Yahoo! will make an offer to buy Six Apart, but Six Apart will choose to remain a private firm
  • As WordPress gains more popularity as a blogging tool, plugin developers will start creating tools for both WordPress and Movable Type side-by-side. Rumors will fly about the two blogging tools merging, but nothing will be confirmed or denied in 2006
  • President George W. Bush will face the possibility of impeachment due to misinformation at the start of the Iraq war, but will be no more impeached than President Bill Clinton was before him
  • The Blu-Ray format for next-gen DVDs will take off for a while when the PlayStation 3 is released, but ultimately fail when Microsoft announces HD-DVD support built-in on Windows Vista as well as a second generation Xbox 360 that supports the format for movie playback (games will not appear on HD-DVD discs)
  • With the advent of yet another format to watch your movies on, smart companies will allow you to turn in VHS or DVD copies of a movie and give you and 50 to 75% discount on the same movie in the latest format. The old copies will then be recycled. This will take off quicly and companies that don’t do this will be left in the dust.
  • Most of the movies in 2006 look to be sequels, so I’m going out on a limb to say that most of them will feel like sequels as well. The two Pirates of the Caribbean movies will be excellent, but being filmed back to back will leave the first movie feeling like a separate idea altogether.
  • UPDATE: In an effort to make Wikipedia a bit more palatable as a starting point for reliable information, a group of professors, scientist, and experts in various other fields will come together to create a peer review for the online encyclopedia. Wikipedia’s back end will be updated to allow for this peer review. The process will eventually prove too slow for the medium and die a quiet death.

We’ll see if I’m at all right in a year. Actually, some of these were spawned by other prediction lists, but I tried to add my own twist if they were. Really, it was just the thing about President Bush.