With the new structure of the site, mostly on the back end, I’m able to add whole sections very quickly. Today, I restructured how the random quotes that pop up at several points (mostly on the blog pages) work. It’s now far easier to add quotes into the mix since they are actually individual entries in an independent blog. This move also allowed me to create pages to list them and allow folks to search for them if they see one they particular liked, but couldn’t quite remember.

I’m excited about what I have in store here, including continued posts and thoughts as I have done in the past, but with a little more breadth and some extra stuff for work I have planned for 2006. Part of that is already done as I’m 95% done in turning Movable Type into a fully-fledged content management system for this site and hope to use it as a basis for other web site work I may be doing in the future.

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