Did you ever have one of those days when you just felt like you hadn’t accomplished anything? Or worse, when no matter what you did, nothing got accomplished?

I think I feel like this every year during the last week of the year. There’s hardly anything to do, the holidays are mostly passed by, and I find myself looking back at the year that has passed whether I like or not. The trick is to see the positive, but when the daily events of life are feeling so off to begin with, that’s a bit harder to do.

I’ve changed up the site a bit. The blog now exists at blog.lifeofrobert.com to reflect some new things I have coming in my mind. As a result, any links to archived pages are broken and I haven’t been able to get the server to redirect them since my pages are built dynamically rather than lots of individual files for each page you see here. Nothing frustrates me quite like a computer task I can’t get quite right. Even worse is when I get a solution that should work, but doesn’t for reasons unknown to me. Hence the start of my strange, actually bad, mood.

If anyone reading this has experience working with .htaccess files, the RewriteEngine, subdomains, and dynamic pages Movabletype together, I’d appreciate some assistance. Leave a comment and I’ll email you with details.

Maybe I’ll go out and buy a new video game to cheer me up and play it on my new 6.1 home theater system.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to ditch the dynamic pages altogether. Doing so opens up a whole realm of plugins for me to use as well and helps solve the .htaccess problem. While I was at it, I got going and rolled out the new page and way of doing things. Hopefully, the only page that will look odd is the photo gallery.