A new extension/plugin for Firefox was released in beta today. Performancing allows you to blog from within the Firefox browser.

Why is this cool? If you see a link while you are browsing around, you can open the little window to blog and drag-and-drop the link into your post. Then follow the link and drop another link from that page into your post. No more cutting and pasting and switching back and forth between various windows.

The part I like best, it has full support (or the beginnings of full support) for Movable Type categories. I’ve seen other in-browser blogging tools, but none of them support the categories.

Wish list:

  • Ability to edit Extended Entry, Entry Excerpt, and Keyword fields in MT
  • Spell check
  • Ability to schedule post or post as draft and change the time of the posting

This tool looks awesome. Good work on the part of this team!