by MGM (Video & DVD)

This not a movie to watch alone. The premise is that nuclear war has taken place presumably between the US and Russia in 1964 (five years ahead of when the film was released). As a result, the only humans left on the planet are in Australia where they can do nothing but wait for the fallout to reach them and eventually die from radiation poisoning. Suffice it to say that this is a bleak film with not at all subtle suggestions that nuclear weapons should all be dismantled and never built again.

However, there are moments of happiness as people celebrate the life they have left to live. Even the issuing of suicide pills to the general population is eased somewhat by the joy and appreciation they show for each other in their final hours.

Still, the despair and tragedy that permeates the movie steadily grows to overpower all sense of hope until no one is left to have a hope for. To watch this alone is to invite the feeling that it actually happened. I had to step outside to look for someone else walking around and reassure myself that this was not reality. I’m not sure if that makes this movie good or bad. It convinced me and if the goal of a movie is to divert the viewer’s attention from life to the point of not remembering it, however briefly, then this succeeded. But I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience very much.