Frank Paynter wants to know how people blog. He’s getting good answers, too.

As for me, I use a computer to blog.
And the keyboard attached to it. The monitor comes in handy from time to time.
Oh yes, and electricity (the hamster in the wheel doesn’t provide enough juice).
I suppose I use air as well, both for the staying alive trick and the wireless connections to the router, which I also make use of for blogging.
I should throw the DSL and phone line in there, too. And the hosting company.
Linux, Perl, PHP, and Movable Type are pretty handy as well.
I guess how I blog boils down to money, since I have to pay for most of the above in some fashion.

I blog at home and will often write a number of entries during a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon scheduling them to appear later in the week to make it look like I’m busy posting from work when I’m really not.
I will schedule entries to appear when I’m having hang-out time with people I know to be regular readers or doing other weekly activities (i.e. choir rehearsal) just to mess with folks, however minor the mess may be. It makes me happy, so there.

I usually get the links posts from my RSS trolling.
Others sit in my head for days or weeks working themselves into semi-coherent streams of thought before issuing out from my fingers to the nfolks who come here on a roughly daily basis.

I read Robert Scoble, Dave Winer, and Seth Godin, among others and try to find my own style while picking up on that of others.
I live life off my blog. I comment on life and the world I see around me on my blog. That’s important to me; to not be so into blogging that I only blog about things others are blogging about (something I’ve caught myself doing this last week or two). It’s too easy to miss important events happening around us while surfing around and miss out on sharing my thoughts about them with people in person and on my blog.

I like this answer.

Thanks to Frank Paynter, who will now be part of my RSS trolling, for adding inspiration to the blogosphere this week.