A song that is likely to tickle the Old English fancy of a teacher friend of mine is Good Day, Sir Cristémas, this one by Andrew Carter.

This whole song is fun, if from nothing other than a technical standpoint. The meter is just plain weird, but in a really cool way. The text is full of wonderful imagery (“from hev’n to erthé doun is light”). The music is wonderfully rich in interchanges between parts and key changes at least three times in as many minutes. But there is much to enjoy beyond the music geek.

The best part for me is one verse with particularly nice music:

Of your cominge this clerkés find
Ye come to save all man kinde
And of their sorrows them unbinde

I think it speaks for itself, really. I, for one, love singing such a happy and upbeat song about Jesus coming to unbind us from our sorrows. The next verse responds telling of the mirth we will make and the solace and comfort we’ll have in our heart for the sake of our Lord. It just keeps getting better right to the end